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This Home That You Have Built


This home that you have built is made of love,

Hope and happiness, hard grit and effort,

All the strength of will a heart can move,
Ready to embrace and surround us for many years to come..
Know that I am grateful for who you are and for who you made me become.
You've given me more than words can speak and stories can tell.

Your love alone shields us though the most terrible things life throws at us,

I know with your love you will make troubles drift away and worries go with the wind.

Therefore, I conclude and yet state again that you are "One of a Kind"



Thank you

Thank you for being the heart of my life,
Harboring me in the arms of your love,
Anchoring me in the strength of your faith,
Needing me, wanting me day after day,
Knowing me well, yet loving me still.


Thank you for your love throughout the years.
How else could I become what I've become?
All your plans and hopes and even fears
Now come together in what I have done.
Know that I am grateful for your love.
Your hard work is mirrored now in mine.
On you all my accomplishments must shine.
Underneath my pride, your spirits move.


These past few years have not been easy for me.
How I made it through them, I can't say.
All your love has helped me reach this day.
Now I cast my thanks upon your sea,
Knowing of the love that's there for me,
Yearning without loss for what is mine.
Only in that love can I define,
Unloosing all my fears, my self-to-be.


Each of us must climb our separate mountain
To reach at last our own extended view.
We can be no more than what we are,
Yet that is quite enough for us to do.

The world is far too great for comprehension,
And so we only know what we can know.
But given the abilities we're given,
That's still a long and weary way to go.

Yet on the way, how beautiful the moments!
How good it feels to have some skill or art!
How wonderful to pause in awestruck wonder
At what must fill the unsuspecting heart!

And so we're proud of each of you today
For all you've learned, and all you've tried to learn.
Knowledge brings the deepest satisfaction,
Not least because it's something that you earn.