Family Photo Album

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Onik and Tina Demirchian's

These are my two beautiful children.  They love playing together and love taking pictures with one another.  This picture was taken in our garden after cutting down a big tree.  And as you can tell they are enjoying the green before we clean it all up.





Henry and Onik

These are my handsome men getting ready for work.  This was one of Onik's most exciting days, it was "Bring your kid to work day" and Onik was so thrilled that he is still talking about it







Tina Demirchian

This is Tina; she is a very active, social, funny, and energetic five years old little princess.  Tina, is good in almost everything she does, she is a very optimistic little girl who from a very young age knows what she wants.  Tina also loves school and gets very sad when Fridays come around, knowing that she will be staying home the next day.








Onik Demirchian

This is Onik, he is a very quiet, helpful, great hard working eight years old boy.  He is not as social, but loves being around people and spending a lot of time with the family.  He is a very good student in school that any teacher and parent wish of having.  Onik loves spending time with the family and constantly likes checking up on his grandparents.